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Horse in Stable

Original Sculpture Request Form

Want a model that has never been made before? Submit a custom model request!

TRHES offers a lifetime warranty on commission models and will not remake copies for anyone except the original owner. Please scroll to the FAQs to learn more.

Need help? Send me an email and I can help you from there.

Choose all applicable markings:

Thanks for considering TRHES! Please allow me to review your submission and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

Current Pricing


Starting at 350

(Micro horses are a 1:32 scale. Average size 2.5 inches from hooves to withers)


Starting at 1175

(Venti horses are a 1:20 scale. Average size 5 inches from hooves to withers)


Starting at 1950

(Traditional horses are a 1:9 scale. Average size 7 inches from hooves to withers)

What's the starting price?

Prices start based on a horse that is in a simple pose and that is painted with the horse's base coat color without markings.

ex. A solid black horse standing on all 4s.

What will cost extra?

Price will increase if the request model is put in a more complex pose, ex. jumping. Or if the horse has complex markings, ex. Appaloosa patterns. Or mane/tail design, ex. braids.

TRHES does not offer discounts or donations. Please note that my pricing raises every year.

  • How do I get started?
    Congratulations on taking the steps to building a close relationship with your horse! Start - Fill out the form above. Once I receive it, please allow me 24 hours to get back with you. Consultation - I will ask you to schedule a 30-minute consultation with me. There I will ask you some questions to help me understand you and your horse better. If there's extra time we can also start discussing a concept design. Concept - At this stage I will send you some concept designs to review. I will also need the required photos of your horse. Once the concept is finalized, I will send over your official quote.
  • I'm on a budget but want a model. What can I do?
    I don't want anyone to feel left out on getting their very own model. For custom models, I do offer time payments that we can discuss together. Another option would be to order a pre-made model, those are very budget friendly!
  • Do you offer other animal models?
    If you'd like to have another animal made, such as your dog, please send me an email. I cannot guarantee that I can do every animal but don't mind discussing that with you!
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