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Revenant Gen. I

Project type

Artist Resin



The original bay dun mustang stallion. Revenant was my first artist resin model, though, he was made from polymer clay. There are no copies of him so he is the only model ever made.

This beautiful mustang is not a real life horse but rather one made from my soul. To me he was the first time I gave myself permission to do what everyone told me not to do. He is my mirror that shows what I truly wanted from this life. He is my soul's truth and freedom.

The name Revenant means “one coming back,” either from another place or from the dead. I found myself in a position in high school where I wasn't doing my art as frequently as I was before and I took a 2-3 year long break because my schedule got so full. Rev was my entrance back into art, especially to the 3D world because I had previously done 2D. He made me fall in love with sculpture.

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