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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before placing an order.


  1. Copyright

TRHES is strict about copyright and will enforce if not honored. 

A) Pre-Made Models;

     are created with the intent for the buyer to customize said model however they like. This includes reshaping, painting, photography, and sharing via social media with credit to TRHES.

*Buyer may not, under any circumstances, reproduce models for commercial use or claim artist credit of uncustomized models.

B) Original Models;

     are created with the intent of a unique piece that will be finished and requires no customizing. If buyer does intend to customize their model, this will not infringe on TRHES policies. Buyer may reshape, paint, photograph, and share via social media with credit to TRHES.

*Buyer may not, under any circumstances, reproduce models for commercial use or claim artist credit of uncustomized models. 


    2. Return
TRHES only offers returns and refunds for pre-made models.

A) Pre-Made Models

      If for whatever reason buyer would like to make a return, they will have 14 days after delivery to reach out to me. Please send me an email including the reason for return and I will make the return and issue refund (Buyer will pay return shipping).

      If the model arrives damaged, please send me an email and we can discuss sending a replacement or a refund.

      If buyer fails to reach out within 14 days after delivery I will not be able to grant any compensation.


B) Original Models
     TRHES offers a lifetime warranty on original models. If the model is ever damaged, stolen, or lost, please send me an email including pictures (if applicable) and we can discuss the best option. This includes:

  • If model needs to be returned to my studio for repair, TRHES will cover the cost of shipping and damage.

  • If model is ever lost or stolen, TRHES will send a placement for half the original value of the model.

*This lifetime warranty does not offer full refunds. 

3. Payment

A) Time Payments

     TRHES does offer time payments for original models. However, the model must be paid in full before the model is shipped/delivered.

     Pre-Made models will not be eligible for time payments.

B) Accepted Payments

     Currently, all acceptable forms of payment include; Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, checks, or cash.

If the listed options are not applicable to buyer, please send me a message and we can discuss how to move forward.


*TRHES does not offer discounts on any sculptures. TRHES does not offer donations to any persons or organizations.

4. Intended Use

A) Warnings

  • All models made at TRHES are intended for display purposes only.

  • Models are not designed to be handled by any children under the age of 14.

  • Keep out of reach from young children and pets. Please note that models are made will materials that can be toxic if ingested these include; plastics, paints, resins, etc.

TRHES is not responsible for any type of injury directly related with its models.

B) Model Care

For long-term care, it is best to keep model;

  • Out of direct sunlight.

  • At room temperature.

  • Out of high humidity.

  • In a cool, dry area.

  • Away from any heat source such as stoves, candles, or fireplaces.

  • In a low-dust environment.

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